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Fox GTI import info wanted!

Tom @, Freitag, 18.07.2003, 12:20 (vor 6204 Tagen)

Hi all,

Sorry for the English but I can't write decent German. I can read it fine, though...

Anyway, I'm the proud owner of three type 82s and I'd like to add a fourth. I've been given a 1978 Fox GTI which is still in California, USA. I live in The Netherlands and have asked the bureau for registration of motor vehicles here (RDW) if I can get it licenced here. They tell me I can't, it hasn't got a Dutch Type Approval.

Now I've been told that Germany is less restrictive, so I might import it into Germany first and into Holland later (Dutch authorities are required to licence any vehicle which has a German registration).

Any suggestions?

Thanks all!

'77 80 LS aut.
'78 80 GLS aut.
'78 80 GLX